"I feel like a brand new person!"

I had been seeing a chiropractor, but wasn't getting the relief I needed and it was a hassle getting there with two kids. I kid you not after my first visit with Dr. Padilla I feel like a brand new person! I can't believe it and I can't wait to see how I feel after several visits. I highly recommend her to anyone. I'm 29 weeks pregnant and have two small kids that were running around excited to see a new face and she was super calm and professional the entire time. -- Marcy Robertson


Already starting to improve!

I had Dr. Cristina come by the house yesterday. What a treat! I've not been able to get rid of this cold all week so she helped with the sinus pressure, adjusted my whole spine and used a wonderful essential oil blend that really helped me breathe! It was awesome! Already starting to improve! Thank you Dr. Cristina!

— Liz Murphy

“She is the best in Jacksonville hands down.

Dr. Padilla has been amazing for my health and my husbands. She is very knowledgeable, and doesn’t just focus on our spines, she focuses on whole body wellness. She is extremely friendly and an absolute pleasure to see! She always has worked around our busy schedules, and comes to our house so that we were treated in the middle of a busy week. We didn’t miss the care we needed due to being unable to work around “regular business hours.” She has suggested top-quality supplements and her prices are extremely reasonable. If you want a chiropractor who really cares about the health of you and your entire family- she is the best in Jacksonville hands down.

— Leah Dubin

"Dr. Padilla is unforgettable. I wish I could bring her with me when we move out of state! The fact that she was trained in Webster gave me peace of mind that she was exactly what my family needed."

— Lily Carter

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“Everything we wanted and more.”


— L.G.

"So convenient to have her come to our home!"

— M.L.


“Stellar, professional service.”

— L.I.

“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

— S.L.

Loved by Jacksonville